Steve Hendler
Attorney at Law.

I succeed by helping clients create value in their personal and business affairs. That starts with careful analysis and solid advice from a lawyer who understands your needs, goals and wishes. From there we can determine the best course of action and game plan to address your personal, family’s or business’s legal needs.

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About Me

Steve Hendler, J.D., M.D.
Attorney at Law.

I attended the University of Kansas Law School where I focused my studies on health law, transactional law, contracts, tax law, and estate planning. In addition, I have researched, written and published on contractual issues for physicians. My law related work experience includes the Attorney General’s Medicaid Fraud unit (Missouri), the Kansas Board of Healing Arts, and the United States Court for the District of Kansas.
Prior to law school, I practiced medicine, specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation. My medical career includes experience in hospital and medical practice administration. In addition to my own practice I have owned and operated a management services company and advised start up companies on operations, business development and strategy.

An empty nester, I enjoy traveling, tennis, the occasional pickleball game and Jeopardy! My wife and I spend lots of time serving our master, Oreo, a rescue retriever-something mix, and spending time with our now adult children.

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Practice Areas

How I can help

Wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and living wills and other estate planning documents direct others on how to manage and protect your family and your life’s assets both during your lifetime and after your death.

Estate planning may address important issues such as:

Guardianship for minor children

  • Decision making if you become incapacitated
  • Asset Protection
  • Estate and Gift Tax optimization
  • Disposition and transfer of wealth
  • Business succession planning
  • Plans for life changes including marriage, divorce, birth of children

Contracts serve as the cornerstone for all sorts of business relationships — employment, sales, service agreements, partnerships/co-ownerships, and real estate, to name just a few. A contract spells out each party’s rights, obligations and responsibilities. Because contracts legally bind the parties, it’s important to draft and review each part of a contract to know its meaning and assure it reflects, accurately, the parties’ intentions. As your lawyer, I’ll help you understand each right and obligation a contract another party drafts creates and identify any concerns about the contract’s provisions and enforceability. Where no contract exists, as your lawyer I can draft the contract. I will also work with the other party to negotiate contract terms as needed.

From starting your business to financing to operational issues to acquisition, disposition, retirement and succession, or dissolution, legal questions and needs routinely arise. Having me assist with entity selection and set up, contracts, financing agreements, acquisitions and succession planning allows you to focus on growing and running your business.

Physicians encounter multiple legal issues in their professional and personal lives, often specific to their unique educational, regulatory/statutory, financial, and professional or employment situations. My experience as a practicing physician, hospital administrator and practice owner before becoming a lawyer gives me singular insight and depth of understanding of the complexities these legal issues create for physicians and how they impact your work and your personal lives. As your personal “on-demand” General Counsel, I can help you triage and assess legal issues that arise and provide counsel on strategic options for managing them. Where a legal issue requires other counsel, whether for convenience, jurisdictional requirements or subspecialized expertise, I can help source and facilitate proper representation.


Why Choose Us

More than a Juris Doctor

As a medical doctor who has practiced medicine, I am intimately aware of how legal issues hit physicians and of the unique legal issues that physicians face. My experience investigating Medicaid Fraud complaints and working with the Kansas Board of Healing Arts gives me. insight into some of the particular statutory and regulatory concerns that impact physician practice. I have researched and written (with publication in a legal scholarly journal) about potential legal issues a rising from physician-employment contracts.

Business is Usual

I grew up in a family business (4thgeneration), have started my own businesses and “angel” invested in start up businesses. I’ve experienced and worked in businesses throughout their life cycles. I understand the ownership mindset and can provide guidance and legal services that match business owners’ and their businesses’ needs.

Families First

In my prior work treating people with disability or aging, as well as in my personal life dealing with complex family issues such as divorce, widowhood, second marriages, sibling discord, substance use I am acutely aware of the complex interrelationships and decision making that estate planning and intergenerational transfer of wealth can involve. As your counsel, I can guide you as you determine your estate plan and protect your loved ones optimally, and then create the necessary documents to accomplish your estate planning goals.


Our Legal Process


Step 1

Contact me below. You need not give a detailed description. A subject as simple as “I’ve got a legal question,” is enough. If you’d like, include some preferred times and contact methods to set up a telephone, video or in-person meeting. Include the general topic, if you’re comfortable (“contract question” or “estate planning” is sufficient).


Step 2

We’ll set up a time to meet. As we get to know each other, I’ll get some very general idea of your legal issue. I probably won’t want a lot of specific facts, but will want to learn more about you and what your legal needs might be. From this discussion I will determine if I potentially help you and go over the general housekeeping related to a lawyer-client relationship.


Step 3

I’ll perform a conflict of interest check. I will need to know the names of any potential other parties to a transaction, claim or issue to eliminate any potential conflict of interest, based on past or current representations. If no conflict of interest arises, I’ll send you an engagement letter that outlines the services I’ll be providing and the terms of representation.


Step 4

We’ll address your legal matter. Together we’ll develop a plan and work through to the matter’s conclusion!


Musings About Legal Topics of Interest

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The Federal Trade Commission has delayed until Q1/Q2 2024 its final decision regarding its proposed rule that bans non-compete provisions in employment agreements. The proposed rule renders nearly all non-compete provisions in employment agreements unenforceable.


Good Samaritan statutes exist in all 50 states. Additional Federal statutes provide similar immunity, most notably the Aviation Medical Assistance Act of 1998.  These statutes codify the doctrine of “rescue” that encourages people, particularly medical professionals, to act where they otherwise have no obligation or duty.  How do these laws work and what do I need to do to protect myself?

Get It In Writing

When it comes to any kind of agreement, who hasn’t heard the advice, “get it in writing?” It’s advice freely given and commonly heard, but is it accurate? As usual, the answer is, “it depends.” As a general rule, common contract law does not require that parties commit a contract to writing. The Restatement [Second] of Contracts states that“ A contract is a promise or set of promises for the breach of which the law gives a remedy or the performance of which the law in some way recognizes as a duty.”(§1).The promises come in the form of an offer—an offeror’s promise to do or not to do if theofferee accepts. It is an act that leads the offeree to reasonably believe that assenting willconclude the deal.To distill this language,a contract arises whenone party offers something of valueto another in exchange for paymentor a promise to perform and the other party accepts the offer.Noticethat nothing in this description requires a written agreement.Party A promises something ofvalue to Party B in exchange for payment or some otherconsiderationand Party B accepts that offer.Done



Perhaps you’ve noticed that when legal documents refer to prior cases, they format those case names in a specific way.  It turns out these citations can tell you quite a bit about how the cited case fits into the author’s argument.  Here’s a quick tutorial on how to decipher these references.


Frequently asked

After you’ve contacted me, I’ll spend some time figuring out if I perform the type of legal work you need. I’ll also work with you to understand whether any potential conflicts of interest arise. If no conflict of interest arises or we are able to resolve any potential conflict-of-interest, I’ll outline some general thoughts about your legal issues. If I believe I can assist you and you are comfortable with my general overview and approach, we’ll go over some of the attorney-client logistics. If my approach to your case and overall logistics satisfy you, I will provide you with an engagement letter. Once you’ve signed and returned the letter, I will become your lawyer and represent you on the matter.

Your waiver, alone, is insufficient. Where a conflict or potential conflict arises both parties must agree to my representing you. Even where both parties waive, rules of professional conduct for lawyers may still limit your right to waive a conflict. Likewise, I must abstain if I believe I would be unable to represent you effectively due to a conflict or potential conflict.

I typically charge either hourly or a set amount to complete a specific job.  Once I better understand the nature of your legal issue, I can determine the payment structure—hourly vs. job—and I will review that with you. Your letter of engagement will delineate the fees for the legal work I will be providing.

Your engagement letter will spell out payment specifics. Typically, a client will prepay some amount. I retain a separate account for client prepayments and as you incur bills, we will first deduct that bill’s amount from the prepayment. Your agreement may require that you provide additional funds as you deplete the prepaid funding.

If you’ve hired me to work on a specific or discrete project, my representation will end once I’ve finished the project. You may, of course, choose to extend the representation or re-engage me for other legal work and we will discuss the parameters of additional work at that time.

If you’ve hired me for ongoing legal counseling and legal services, we will continue our relationship as our engagement agreement specifies.

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    The choice of lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely on advertisements.

    Your inquiry does not create a lawyer-client relationship. I cannot represent you without first determining that no conflict of interest arises and I have agreed—by providing you with an engagement letter—to such representation. Prior to an engagement letter, please do not include any information you consider confidential. My review of any information you send, even if it is confidential and submitted in a good-faith effort to retain me, does not preclude me from representing another client whose interests are directly adverse to you in the matter to which the information is relevant and which can be used against you. By sending a message, you indicate you understand and agree to these terms. No attorney-client relationship exists between you and me unless and until you receive an engagement letter.